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Create A Shared Family Room | Denver Designer

polyroomWhen we moved into our 1960’s ranch we were especially stoked to have an awesome finished basement to turn into our media/family room. However, after living in the space for over a year now we have decided that it would be great to also have a family room on the main level which means Sofia losing her play room. So the challenge has become how to make one room work for all of us and serve a multitude of purposes without a lot of clutter. The good news is it will allow us to have a room that we can all hang out in together. When deciding what toys will stay and what will go I made the decision to stick to two areas – one will be her reading nook that already exists in the closet and will remain as is & the other will be an art area with an easel and art supplies. The rest of her stuff will go into her room and perhaps some will be donated (while she is at school) . Do any of you have a shared family space? If so, how do you keep the toy mess to a minimum?

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Make it Easy

As the cold weather descends upon us I need to find a place for my daughter to hang up her coat & hat instead of random doorknobs, the floor, or the sofa. I also think its important to give her a sense of responsibility by giving her the ability to pick up after herself easily and quickly. So I started scouting out coat racks on Etsy that I can hang low enough for her to use in the entryway. I, obviously, need it to look super cute as well. Here are a few of the hundreds they have to choose from I have listed them below from top left to bottom right. Choosing one is going to be impossible!

1. Arrow Rack $80

2. Rack with Cubbies $150

3. Faux Antler Rack $21.99

4. Yellow Rack $75

5. Cloud with Bird $35

6. Modern Refined Rustic Wood $43

7. Modern Twig $168

8. Cloud Standing Rack $225



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