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Etsy Mother’s Day Guide {day 3} | Tips from a Denver Blogger



Today’s Mother’s Day guide is straight from Etsy I love the idea of unique and thoughtful gifts that somebody made with their own two hands.

1. Fashion Art 2 for $24.

2. Ipad Cover $39.99

3. Infinity Scarf  $21

4. Cocktail Dress $130.19

5. Cameo Necklace   $40

6. Recipe Book  $40

7. Skincare Gift Set  $103.90

8. Jewelry Organizer  $260

9. Nightgown  $30

And, of course, there is always the Etsy Gift Card!

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Nursery Mash Up | Denver Design


I am experiencing a bit of baby fever with friends having babies and getting ready to have babies. So it got me thinking about nursery design. I had so much fun designing my own daughters nursery. I chose lots of artwork from Etsy, vintage pieces from Decade in Denver, and modern goodies from Mod Livin’. I enjoyed mixing up some vintage with the modern pieces to create a whimsical and eclectic space for her as well as for myself. Because lets be honest those first couple of months we are pretty much living in there as well. I also wanted to find pieces that could grow with her. For example, all the art work I chose can very well carry her through into middle school, her dresser which doubled as a changing table she can have forever, and even the accessories are still appropriate for elementary school. I also didn’t want it to feel like a bought a whole room from one store. So, mix it up and have fun play with lots of different colors instead of just choosing one. Creating a space that feels calm, relaxing, and fun will really mean a lot when you are up for the 5th night in a row at 4 am.

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Monday Etsy Find


Wish Piece on Etsy is chock full of lovely handmade head pieces and accessories. They are all so beautiful and unique I am not sure how exactly you would go about picking just one! Looking to add a little something special to your wedding day style you cannot go wrong with one of these!!! 



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A Peter Pan Moment

There is something about a little girl (or big girl) in a peter pan collar that I am loving.  It’s so Audrey Hepburn inspired and sweet and vintage all the things that make a fashion moment great. Here a just a handful of all the lovely items I found on Etsy – all three I want to incorporate into my daughters wardrobe asap. At 4 years old her biggest fashion influence is Zooey Deschanel … actually Zooey and her music have been all she’s talked about since she was 2. I think all of these are very Zooeyesque and would meet me kiddo’s definite approval. Oh and Zooey if you are reading this – Sofia would like to invite you to her birthday party.

1. Modern Beige Dress

2. Blue Pokka Dot Dress

3. Floral Fox Skirt & Blouse

4. Tweed Coat

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Just in Time for the Holidays

My daughter is going through a “horse” phase that most little girls go through, so I was doing a little search on Etsy for ideas for Christmas when this little guy popped up. Why settle for an imitation when you can give your child the almost well kinda sorta real thing? WTF in all caps with a whisper yell because I don’t want to wake my kid up! I have been oddly obsessed with this guy ever since I stumbled across it. I’ve shared him with co-workers hoping someone would say “wow that’s pretty freaking awesome” and then I can breathe a big whopping PHEW someone out their finds this awesome and will take him home. Okay I just realized I have been rambling and you all are probably like WTF is she talking about? THIS IS WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT VERY LOUDLY IN MY OWN HEAD:

This is one amazing horse. It is a child’s toy and made from real animal skin. The skin is very soft and appears to be in great shape for the age. He has stitching along the stomach and the inner legs. He is a black and white color with a brown tail which I’m pretty sure is horse hair. His ears are intact and his reins are in great shape with tiny, little nails to keep them in place. The most wear I see is on the nose of the horse.
This is a truly wonderful toy and very rare.
He measures 8 inches long and 8.5 inches from head to toe.
Please don’t hesitate to ask me questions. I will do my best to answer.

Oh I definitely have some questions like how much therapy would a kid actually require after being gifted a gift a toy horse made of REAL ANIMAL SKIN?!? Thanks Mommy a real dead toy horse just what I meant when I asked you guys for a PONY! I am probably going to get all sorts of emails about this rant – but really c’mon how could I keep this find all to myself? And for the price of $625 this little guy is a steal. Is it just me or does he/she have a bit of crazy behind the eyes?

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One Very Hip Bib!



Hip Violet is a Denver based company that makes the most adorable and highly functional baby & toddler bibs. They are large enough to cover any mishap and can fit a 6 month old up to a toddler which also makes them super awesome since if there is one thing a mom looks for is gear that can grow with their kiddo. These are a staple item for me when looking for unique, high quality, and super cute baby shower gifts. They wash really well and last a very long time. The fact that your little one can still look cute with mashed peas running down their chin is just a bonus. Named after her daughter Violet, Jesi Josten has a built a wonderful brand that I am so proud to support. You can find her on Etsy as well as in many stores around Metro Denver including:

The Giggling Green Bean (Tennyson & Lakewood locations)
Nest (Cherry Creek & Larimer Square locations)
Naturally Loved in Stapleton
Bliss in Boulder
Rocky Mountain Kids in Boulder
Clothes Pony & Dandelion Toys in Fort Collins

Check out her blog at http://www.HipVioletBlog.com.

I love a crafty momma who has turned her hobby into a thriving business.

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Make it Easy

As the cold weather descends upon us I need to find a place for my daughter to hang up her coat & hat instead of random doorknobs, the floor, or the sofa. I also think its important to give her a sense of responsibility by giving her the ability to pick up after herself easily and quickly. So I started scouting out coat racks on Etsy that I can hang low enough for her to use in the entryway. I, obviously, need it to look super cute as well. Here are a few of the hundreds they have to choose from I have listed them below from top left to bottom right. Choosing one is going to be impossible!

1. Arrow Rack $80

2. Rack with Cubbies $150

3. Faux Antler Rack $21.99

4. Yellow Rack $75

5. Cloud with Bird $35

6. Modern Refined Rustic Wood $43

7. Modern Twig $168

8. Cloud Standing Rack $225



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