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Make it Easy

As the cold weather descends upon us I need to find a place for my daughter to hang up her coat & hat instead of random doorknobs, the floor, or the sofa. I also think its important to give her a sense of responsibility by giving her the ability to pick up after herself easily and quickly. So I started scouting out coat racks on Etsy that I can hang low enough for her to use in the entryway. I, obviously, need it to look super cute as well. Here are a few of the hundreds they have to choose from I have listed them below from top left to bottom right. Choosing one is going to be impossible!

1. Arrow Rack $80

2. Rack with Cubbies $150

3. Faux Antler Rack $21.99

4. Yellow Rack $75

5. Cloud with Bird $35

6. Modern Refined Rustic Wood $43

7. Modern Twig $168

8. Cloud Standing Rack $225



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