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My Newest Gig | life of a Denver stylist


So, it’s been a few minutes since I blogged. I have A LOT of catch up but before I get completely overwhelmed I thought I would share with you all the amazing opportunity I was given to rep a luxury jewelry line out of Ojai called Les Bohemiennes. I have been a big fan of Deb Michelle’s company for a long time and I am so honored I get to share it with you all! The whole line is meant to be layered which means there are thousands of ways to wear it and so many looks you can create. All the pieces are handcrafted using vintage glass beads, brass beads, and other beads handmade in Africa.  If you are a retailer and would like to set up an appointment to view the line you can contact me directly at

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Sunday Brunch | Denver Blogger Finds


My Mother’s Day began with brunch at Amerigo’s Delicatus Restaurant & Market in RiNo. I have been wanting to try this spot for a while now – and they reeled me right in with free mimosa’s for all mom’s! The food was fresh and super yummy. The staff was incredibly warm and friendly. They played Tribe Called Quest for crying out loud – perfect!!! We are having dinner there with friends at the end of June and I can’t wait to blog about it again!

Misha Lulu | Tips from a Denver Stylist


I adore everything about Misha Lulu. The patterns and colors  are perfect for mini fashionistas. The fact that they partner with Hello Kitty – um icing on the double chocolate cake! You can find them locally at Nest located in Cherry Creek & Larimer Square.

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Mom’s Day Gift Guide {Day One} | Denver Blog Finds


This week is all about Mom and every day I will help you find ways to make yours feel extra super special. Today’s gifts all can be purchased locally here in Denver!

1. Tom’s Crocheted Classics in Navy – Unity Boutique

2. MZ Wallace: Bianca in Cayenne – Kismet 

3. Gym Punch Card – The Dailey Method 

4. Gift Card – Decade

5. Jane Crow Jewelry – SecondLove Thiftique 

6. Mani/Pedi – UberChic 

7. Jasmine Salt Caramels – Helliemae’s

8. Class – Fancy Tiger Crafts

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Denver Eater: Novo Coffee Roasters Ready to Open Its Downtown Location


NovoGalleryHead.jpgNovo Coffee Roasters is very close to opening its retail location at 1600 Glenarm Street, downtown Denver. The coffee shop anticipates serving by next week. This will be the only retail location of the local roaster after a previous retail location in the Denver Art Museum was closed over a year ago.

The 1000 square foot space was designed with assistance from Open Studioand graphics by Rick Griffith. The space is modern with high ceilings, concrete floors accented by graphics, dark and natural-colored woods, and black and white walls. The accent color is blue and that is present both in the espresso maker and in some of the stools used in the space. Reclaimed materials were used in the build-out, including wood sourced from a high school in Boulder that was transformed into the bar top, table top, and the wall display behind the bar.

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Go For It | Tips from a Denver Stylist



I have yet to meet  a client yet who has not asked me how to go about mixing prints & patterns and add pops of color into their neutral wardrobe. So here is my answer – JUST GO FOR IT! Don’t be scared there are no fashion mishaps that will land you on a style black list destined to bad 80’s hair for all of eternity – two words frosted highlights! How to experiment with the trendy almost neon hues that are everywhere this season?  SHOES! 

If you still are unsure of what patterns mix well within your own wardrobe – comment with a question and I will do my best to put you on the path of mixing it up like a pro!

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5 Ways to Incorporate Vintage Pieces In Your Home…

This is my idea of a perfect room – a bit of old with some new. Lovely


There is a delicate balance between adding used vintage pieces in your home and having your living room look like it was transplanted from the staging area at Goodwill.  Balance.  It’s something I’m still trying to master but in the end, adding vintage pieces to your home bring a character and depth that you just can’t find at your local Rooms-to-Go.  It can be tricky but it’s worth trying to figure out – you’ll end up with better quality furniture and you’ll have something cheap and trendy to brag about when your friends stop by.  So, win-win.

Here are 5 Ways to Incorporate Vintage Pieces In Your Home…

#1.  Look for Solid Wood

If you come across a vintage piece of solid wood furniture, chances are it’s worth refinishing.  If we’ve learned nothing else from HGTV we should at least know this, right?  Paint it, stain it, cover it with wallpaper…the possibilities are endless.  Look for pieces…

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Fancy a picnic?

Love all things Orla Kiely!


Oh my goodness!

I came across the news that Orla Kiely is launching a new melamine range. I especially like the stackable storage containers. The perfect accompaniment for a picnic…when Spring finally decides to arrive!

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Chalkboard Paint…Fussy or Functional?


Chalkboard paint is everywhere…and on everything.  This crafty little paint has worked its way from the classroom into our living rooms, and our kitchen walls and furniture – it’s all over the place!  Is it a passing trend or a new staple in home design? 

Here’s what I think; the flexibility of chalkboard paint is awesome.  If you use it on your walls it allows you to be creative and fun; changing up the theme of your bedroom or den with the swipe of an eraser.

One of my favorite applications is the chalkboard wall in the kitchen.  I love this one because it’s practical – shopping lists, phone messages, weekly dinner menus and calender events; it’s functional and trendy.

The same applies for the home office; it’s much harder for your husband to tell you he’s forgotten to pay the water bill when the due date is written on the wall behind his…

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