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Nursery Mash Up | Denver Design


I am experiencing a bit of baby fever with friends having babies and getting ready to have babies. So it got me thinking about nursery design. I had so much fun designing my own daughters nursery. I chose lots of artwork from Etsy, vintage pieces from Decade in Denver, and modern goodies from Mod Livin’. I enjoyed mixing up some vintage with the modern pieces to create a whimsical and eclectic space for her as well as for myself. Because lets be honest those first couple of months we are pretty much living in there as well. I also wanted to find pieces that could grow with her. For example, all the art work I chose can very well carry her through into middle school, her dresser which doubled as a changing table she can have forever, and even the accessories are still appropriate for elementary school. I also didn’t want it to feel like a bought a whole room from one store. So, mix it up and have fun play with lots of different colors instead of just choosing one. Creating a space that feels calm, relaxing, and fun will really mean a lot when you are up for the 5th night in a row at 4 am.

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I am BACK!!!



After being strongly “urged” to pick this blog back up immediately by my lovely friend Hilary I realized just how much I have missed it. I began this blog to sing the praises of our local talent, eateries, shops, and people putting wonderful energy into the universe. We moved from the Highlands a little more than a year ago to Applewood. We wanted a big yard, more space, 60’s ranch style, and a place to grow as a family. However, after living in the Highlands for over 8 years it will forever hold a very special place in my heart and since Wheat Ridge/Lakewood isn’t exactly know for its culinary choices we head there all the time. It’s become very apparent to me that my quaint little neighborhood is struggling to keep its small business uniqueness in the midst of a hard economy.  Independent store fronts are being pushed out by a rise in rent and a decline in consumer traffic. Moving right in are chains who can afford the cost of doing business at the expense of the neighborhood itself. I wanted this blog to be the voice of all the small business owners who are out there breathing life into all the neighborhoods in Denver. So, now I am calling on you the consumer to be conscious of where your dollars are going. “Showrooming” a store to see a product in person and then shopping it online for a better price is absolutely killing all these little shops you love. We are all out to save a buck – me as much as the next – but consider for a moment what it means to invest in your local economy and in your own backyard. If you don’t want a Starbucks replacing your favorite coffee-house then go there instead of the convenience of the drive-thru, if you are shopping for a new stroller for your baby shop local instead of big box or online, and most of all be an advocate for these businesses by talking them up and encouraging others to do the same. So my first post back is a call to action – lets all help our local businesses to thrive by having their backs no matter how much you may think you are saving elsewhere. Because honestly how much is that savings  really worth when you see shop after shop shutting their doors?  Lets be known as the city with the best restaurants, the best micro brews, and most small businesses per capita  than any other. Please share the love by posting about your favorite store, restaurant, business, coffee-house, etc.. on my Facebook page! Spread the love people!!!

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Mix it Up

If I had to label my style I would say I lean towards the modern vintage aesthetic. I love the mix of old and new – clean lines and textures. My living room/dining room is a great example of what I mean and although it still needs some additional layers such as some more color pops, curtains, and wallpaper it is a great foundation thus far. It is in fact a perfect blending of the old and the new with things that are vintage, new, and handed down. Nothing is more generic or boring than walking into the space where almost every piece came from one source. Buying a whole room takes out the personality and warmth that spending  time thoughtfully choosing pieces with meaning reflects.  I also had to buy things that fit into our budget when we moved into a new larger home, so while some of the things I will keep forever a couple are “for now” rather than long term relationship potential. The fact is you can style a space on any budget without making it look “cheap” you just need to be a little creative and know where to look for what. Where are some of your favorite places to shop for things that reflect your style?

1. Sofa & Rug-West Elm (I wanted a simple, modern looking sofa with clean lines. I love all the mid century looking sofa’s that Design Within Reach, Mod Livin, and Room & Board sells but they just weren’t in the budget.

2. Coffee Table – Ikea (I actually really like this table is big and very kid friendly)

3. Artwork – most were from my mom and have been in my family for awhile. They all have some meaning and I love clustering art together.

4. Credenza-Mod Livin’ (This is a vintage mid century piece that houses all my depression glass and art deco wares that my mom gave me.)

5. Cow Hide Chair-Room & Board ( This chair  was inspired by Le Corbusier’s 1929 original, the Pierre chair. I love the original but unfortunately it’s a bit out of my financial reach.)

6. Blue Lounge Chair (This was my brothers and was originally upholstered in a bright orange vinyl. I had reupholstered in a light teal outdoor fabric so it will wear really well even around kids and husbands with sticky fingers. This is my reading spot.)

7. Stained Glass (These were found in abandoned homes in Detroit and repaired by a shop in Royal Oak, Michigan that my brother used to work at. I cannot remember the name of the place, but these are truly a work of art and completely original.)

8. Dining Table-Design Within Reach (I purchased this off the floor when I worked there. I love this table and it’s definitely a keeper.)

9. Dining Chairs – West Elm (I looked for about 4 years for dining chairs and finally found these and I love the red against the light wood.)

10. Pendant Light – Design Within Reach (Again, this was a purchase I made while I worked at Design Within Reach. I love this light and it is something I will always cherish as it is an iconic modern design.)

If you live in the Metro Denver area and would like to have your space redesigned by me shoot me an email! I can help you shop for new pieces, use what you own, and plan out the space to function in the best way possible. ( and I work within ANY budget!)

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